International Wholesaler

Thank you for contacting CBD Universe. We are actively building out our partnerships outside of the United States and would like to speak with you.

CBD Universe is operated by long time industry experts who have a deep background in all aspects cannabis and hemp supply chain. Over the past 10 years we’ve amassed a resourceful and proprietary network, with unique products and unsurpassed capabilities.

We require all our ingredients to be tested by third-party labs and we make the resulting lab results available to consumers via QR codes on all of the packaging for each of our products.

CBD Universe is expanding and distributing its products to customers all around the world. To place an order with an international delivery address, please email us at [email protected] or submit the form below, so we can confirm if international deliveries can be processed and shipped to your country. CBD Universe proudly maintains the highest safety standards, especially when it comes to international regulations regarding the sale, purchase, and shipment of products that contain CBD ingredients. CBD Universe complies with all laws that restrict or prohibit shipping CBD products within the United States and internationally.