Only the highest quality

CBD Universe has proprietary formulations for many different types of topicals, all of our hemp derived components are from certified organic, state and federally registered, industrial hemp farms. Our gentle extraction methods and wide array of proprietary processing technologies make our manufacturing capabilities second to none.

CBD Universe manufactures and distributes the most advanced line of hemp derived cannabinoid infused topicals. Unlabeled bulk topicals such as body lotions, anti-aging face creams, muscle balms, sunscreens, and chap sticks are ready to go for any of your immediate private label hemp derived topical needs. These are available in a couple cannabinoid compositions such as just cannabidiol (‘CBD’) or broad-spectrum hemp infused topicals. Quick fulfillment capabilities on our private label inventory, just get us labels and artwork and we ship you finished hemp infused topicals.

Available product options

Stocked Topical Types: Body lotions, anti-aging face cream, mineral based sunscreen, muscle balm, chap stick

Standard Cannabinoid concentrations: 5 mg / ml and higher

Base formula: varies by product type

Cannabinoid Compositions: CBD, Broad Spectrum

Private Label

(unlabeled finished goods)

Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 250 units

White Label 

(your brand and label)

Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 500 units

Bulk Unpackaged Pieces

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) 1 liter, 50 liters

What you need to know about CBD Universe!

Compliance: All CBD Universe products come with a compliance package that has everything that you will need to ensure that your setup for success. All of our products are formulated with cannabinoids that have been derived from registered industrial hemp and are extracted and processed in cGMP compliant facilities. Our inhouse legal team are experts in hemp and cannabis compliance and oversee all of our manufacturing and production activities.

Formulation capabilities: there is nothing the CBD Universe formulations team cannot assist you with. Our tincture formulations are limitless in potential, we can formulate to a desired effect (sleepy, energy, focus) by using terpenes, essential oils, and other known compounds that complement the effects of cannabinoids. The CBD Universe board and product development committee is comprised of MD’s who specialize in trial studies of the effects of medicines and compounds, as well as MIT Ph.D. chemists who guide formulations on molecular efficacy and compatibility.

Enterprise Scalability: CBD Universe has the best cannabinoids with the purest quality and ample supply to partner for any size of opportunities. Fully automated manufacturing and production lines offer quick and efficient fulfillment of our products, resulting in competitive pricing and end customer satisfaction. Bonded and insured manufacturing capacity for any of your hemp derived product needs.

Premium Hemp Flower: CBD Universe hemp flower is responsibly sourced from the premier growing regions in the United States. All of our hemp flower is certified organic and is grown using the most organic methods with nontoxic pesticides, safe fertilizers, and a secure and clean curing room. Superior proprietary hemp genetics, organic growing methods, and full curing methods for the cleanest smoking hemp flower on the market.

Proprietary hemp genetics have superior taste and superior effects. Always compliant containing <.3% THC, and a robust cannabinoid profile with significant amounts of cannabinol (CBN), cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC), and naturally present terpenes. CBD Universe sources the most compliant, premium hemp flower in the industry through our long time relationships with the hemp farming community.