Dropship Program

We make shipping easy!

CBD Universe offers drop shipping services to our customers! Take advantage of our huge distribution hub and enterprise grade automated systems. If logistics, storage, drop shipping, and customer follow through are all causing you problems, join our family today!

The steps are easy, the results are paramount!

Web order:

confirm all of your orders are coming from an online source such as your website, or an order placement tool.

Bill of Materials:

confirm all of the items that you want shipped with your products, promotional inserts, and the like. We will guarantee compliance to your customer promise.

Enterprise Resource Planning Interface:

your online orders will automatically transfer to our ERP for quick and accurate fulfillment.

Reporting and Data:

Benefit from our robust reporting and tracking infrastructure. Gain insights to key operational data that will help you direct and grow your business.

Happy Customer and Company:

everyone wins from a successful partnership!

Inquire today to learn more about flat fee or % based options to manage drop shipping and logistics for your products.